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Cool things to see & buy from local &
world craftspeople
We are a small but growing gift and cool crafts store located
in the mtns. of Boone,N.C.
We sell our friends handmade crafts and art, and we also trek
around the world to find crafts and cool things from many cultures
to sell in our store and here on-line to you. Below you will
find our box of links that will take you through our gallery of
cool stuff. Thanks for coming to visit. You will also see
instructions on how to contact us and order the crafts and cool
stuff you will see. Thanks and Be Kind.
LINKS BOX-Just A Click Away-Enjoy
     Candle     Batik-Tshirts        DRUMS       FLUTES    ORDER INFO
 Batik Dresses     Sun T-shirts     Tapestries         BOXES      Stickers
  Hemp Stuff   Cool Music  Grateful Dead    Bob Marley    Kind Hawaii 
Kindstuff Gallery 593 W. King St. Boone,N.C. 28607